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About Anthony Russo – AR Drafting Design Pty Ltd.

Anthony Russo established his architectural drafting practice in 2008 specialising in technical drawings for new homes, house extensions, unit development projects and commercial properties.


Anthony’s drafting of architectural floor plans for medium to high-end residential renovations, multi-unit developments, and retail and residential fit-outs, has led him to create a wide variety of unique and sophisticated designs.


As a Registered Building Practitioner, Anthony manages your building project from the initial design concept stage to securing your town planning and building approvals. Furthermore, Anthony has a wide network of trusted consultants and suppliers that he uses and recommends.


An accomplished building designer with over 20 years’ experience in the building industry and a dependable, friendly nature, Anthony tailors high-quality floor plans to his client’s needs and aspirations. Anthony’s design focus is clear:


“I enjoy finding out, in every detail, what my clients actually want to do and feel when they’re living in their new, future space. Together we envisage the anticipated building then I work back from that, incorporating all your ideas and specific requirements to design a floor plan that thoroughly suits your lifestyle.”


“My passion is designing quality, functional homes that match your vision. I’m satisfied when my clients receive a quality, distinctive design that makes the best use of natural light and incorporates excellent storage within the design. Plus, I enjoy creating unique spaces, such as a lofts or art studios, if you’re thinking about a point of interest like that.”


If you’re looking for an architectural draftsman to listen to what you need in your building design, talk to Anthony about your house plans today and start your building project off on the right foot. Anthony offers a free initial inspection and quote with all genuine enquiries.